Next Mercedes-Benz Concept Car Said to be Uncrashable

Later this year, Mercedes-Benz will reportedly have the latest version of the safety-focused ESF concept, and the automaker claims that the groundbreaking technology could make it an uncrashable car. In a statement, Mercedes’ R&D boss Ola Kalennius disclosed some details about the next driving machine to watch out for.

According to him, things such as sophisticated driver assistance and autonomous driving are enablers to lessen the risk of traffic accidents given that all traffic mishaps are human error. He also noted that some of the technology in the new ESF is almost ready for production and could be available in upcoming vehicles.

The R&D boss also stressed that connected artificial intelligence would be a highlight of the machine’s safety recipe wherein the car would collate driving data and share it with a central server in order to determine the way on how the driver assistance systems can be controlled. In the event that something goes wrong, the concept would also feature innovative occupant protection technology. Hence, if a mishap indeed happens, car occupants would not sustain grave injuries.

Kalennius also disclosed that they would do something in the middle of 2019 to showcase what the future of safety is going to look like. Hence, it is anticipated to be launched at this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show in September.