McLaren Is Working On A Mid-Engined Grand Tourer

Mike Flewitt, Automotive CEO of McLaren said at the Geneva Motor Show that the company is working on a grand touring car which will “redefine the rules” of grand touring. The car’s name which is yet to be launched and any real details will be released over the coming months.

The new car will be the fourth model introduced under McLaren’s Track25 business plan comprising of 18 new models and variants. These new models are intended to make the company’s entire lineup hybrid by 2025. He additionally described the model as the car that combines “competition levels of performance with continent-crossing capability,” wrapped in a lightweight body with a spacious interior for the “comfort and space expected of a grand tourer.”

In addition to it, the CEO also claims that the car will be one among the lightest of the grand tourers along with the best power to weight ratio. He added the said model will share its DNA with the 250 mph McLaren Speedtail. He mentioned that the unnamed car won’t be part of any of McLaren’s existing model series.