Rolls-Royce Discloses Soundproofed Isolated Rear Cabin

Rolls Royce has come with a new option at the Chengdu motor show which allows the passengers to have a completely private space in the rear of their car, sealing them off from both the outside world as well as from the driver.

The Private Suite option introduced by the Rolls Royce adds a privacy screen between the rear passenger area and the two front seats as well as increases the acoustic insulation to block out the sound from the passenger area for the added privacy. An intercom communication is also present between the front and rear occupants at the rear passenger’s discretion. With this, the driver can contact the rear compartment but the occupants can choose to reject the call if they need.

The privacy screen is made of the electrochromatic glass and can be turned to opaque at the flick of a switch. A small opening in the divider is present in the Rolls- Royce to allow the objects to be seen before being passed through.

In order to provide more privacy to the passengers, the windows are fitted with privacy glass as well as full curtains which allow the occupants to be shielded from the outside. It also has the option of blocking the view out of the windows.

Two 12.0-inch monitors have been mounted to the dividing structure between the front and rear with device connectivity as well as access to the car’s infotainment system. The option is a part of the Rolls -Royce’s customisation programme.