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AED 489,000 AED 469,000
  • C190035
  • White
  • 2015
  • Automatic
  • 10000
  • Gasoline
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McLaren Trivia You Should Know About

Whenever anyone hears the name “McLaren”, they automatically think of powerful and fast cars. If you are dreaming to own this British icon due to your penchant for automobiles that literally and figuratively make a noise, then it is important to know something about it first before you decide to purchase a McLaren in Dubai.

McLaren Spearheaded Carbon Fiber

Before the creation of McLaren, most automobiles only partially used carbon fiber. However, everything changed in 1981 when McLaren’s MP4/1 was built featuring full carbon fiber construction. It also had a monocoque design, which implies that the body and the chassis were the same piece. Moreover, it was durable, light, and can withstand even heavy impacts. No wonder, carbon fiber construction is now omnipresent in the F1 racing game.

The First Logo Featured a Kiwi

Another interesting thing about this automaker is that its first logo came with a kiwi, a tiny, fuzzy and flightless bird that resembles the fruit with the same name. Well, this is because Bruce McLaren, the founder, is a New Zealander and kiwi is the national bird of New Zealand. The logo, which was designed by Michael Turner, provided the brand with its distinguished style. However, as McLaren started to become a globalized firm, the logo was replaced by a simpler yet widely captivating design.

Role in NASCAR

Whether you are eyeing for a new or used McLaren, it is also worth noting that the automaker has a small hand in NASCAR though it is globally famous for F1. It supplies multiple electrical parts and its first-ever NASCAR part was an alternator that it designed in 2008 for a racing team. In 2012, NASCAR switched to fuel injection which resulted in the need for a new harness and ECU. Hence, McLaren Applied Technologies supplied a new ECU for NASCAR cars at the time.

These are just some of the interesting trivia about McLaren. If you are aiming to own a pre-owned McLaren, there are a number of McLaren dealers in Dubai that you can count on. By simply searching for a reputable McLaren showroom, you will be able to explore a wide spectrum of options and determine the one that will best suit your needs and preferences.

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