McLaren GT – A supercar designed for comfort and speed

McLaren, the British supercar company makes great supercars. Fast, loud, responsive and they look futuristic. The company unlike Ferrari or Aston Martin has never really made a grand touring car that focused on comfort as well as speed. The new GT from McLaren will almost certainly be fun to drive with a quieter cabin, longer and lots of luggage accompanying space in comparison to other McLaren sports cars. The ultimate cornering ability has been a little less emphasized upon.

The previous McLaren 570GT offered was a true sports car with some of the luggage space carved out of its slightly bulging back. The model was not engineered to be a touring car, hence it lacked comfort and refinement. In the new GT, the brand promises a more relaxing experience.

The price on the new McLaren GT will be $210,000 that roughly matches its direct competitors. Unlike the competitor models, the GT has its engine resting behind the seats rather than up front under the hood. The engine placement will give the GT a bit more of a supercar feel when taking on corners. The bulbous rear fenders hold the large air intakes for the radiators to cool the engine, a classic GT car design feature.

The new McLaren GT will house the 612-horsepower turbocharged V8 engine that can carry the GT from zero to 100 an hour in just over three seconds, with a top speed of 203 miles an hour.