Was there a time when you found yourself in a Ferrari Dubai Showroom, Porsche Dubai Dealer or Mercedes Benz Dubai Showroom and suddenly had a change of heart? You realized that you want to just immediately search the internet for “luxury cars dealers in Dubai” and look for more varied options?

Luxury car dealers aim to give you as diverse vehicle brand options as possible, and it is highly essential to look for a credible car dealership you can trust.

Pearl Motors continues to fulfill a top of the line customer satisfaction rating because of our committed approach to providing our clients with a huge selection of brand-new and pre-owned luxury vehicles from the world’s most legendary marques including Jaguar, Cadillac, Aston Martin, Bentley, Ford, and more.

When you search the web for “Lamborghini price in Dubai” or “Maserati Dubai price”, and realized that you wanted to explore pre-owned vehicles instead of investing in brand-new, we are here to support you to get your dream vehicles at a more cost-effective approach. We guarantee that all the vehicles that we put up on our pre-owned selection have gone through a very detailed inspection and efficient testing before we label it as “approved” and “certified”.

Depending on the make and model, we also give out an additional suite of complimentary services to our customers such as flexible finance options, convenient insurance plans, registration assistance, warranty, and service contract packages and more. Our aim is for you to not just get into our showroom and purchase a vehicle. Our main goal is to give you an A to Z, all-in-one customer service and make sure that you will walk out from our showroom with the best luxury car shopping experience, and our team of professional and knowledgeable car experts is dedicated to giving you this service from the moment you walk in our showroom.

In addition to this, Pearl Motors also does trade-in – which is another practical and cost-effective option if you wish to upgrade your vehicle. You can trade-in your second-hand or used luxury car and have it upgraded into a much better ride.

Make a trip to our showroom in Al Quoz to have an amazing luxury car shopping experience. Have a lovely chat with one of our efficient and approachable staff to explore your options and know more about the services that we can offer. You can also keep yourself up to date with our latest news through our website and social media platforms.