The Dubai International Motor Show 2019 was flocked by luxury car enthusiasts who were more than ready to discover the latest vehicle innovations of the world’s most iconic marques.

BMW, being one of the most anticipated brands at the event, didn’t disappoint its fans. Known for its sleek designs, high performance and sporty models, BMW brought the Z4 M40i. The roadster costs around Dhs 300,000 — Worth it for this gorgeous 340 horsepower convertible.

Z4 M40i | Image Credit: Imran Malik/Gulf News

The 750Li xDrive M Sport is also a stunning, technological marvel with its 8-cylinder motor making 530 horses and can do 0-100kph in just 4.0 seconds. Perfect for those who seek for ultimate luxury.

750Li xDrive M Sport | Image Credit: Imran Malik/Gulf News

The BMW Night Sky M850i was also displayed at the event, a special one that is not up for grabs. It will just be a beautiful model that no one would ever drive, though it was indeed an eye candy at the affair.

Night Sky M850i | Image Credit: Imran Malik/Gulf News

For those looking for family-friendly models that can accommodate more passengers in total comfort along with extra rooms for the goods, the stylish X6 won’t complete your desire for a sporty SUV with a coupe-like roof and muscular proportions. Definitely your best choice for style, space, and function.

X6 | Image Credit: Imran Malik/Gulf News