2025 Audi SQ6 e-tron

Audi wants you to know they’ve started with the inside of the 2025 SQ6 e-tron before anything else. They made sure the SUV is super comfy and easy to use, which is smart because cars nowadays are like fancy computers on wheels. Audis have always had cool and well-organized interiors, so this isn’t totally new for them. But don’t worry, the SQ6 has more good stuff going on besides just its nice insides.

The Q6 and SQ6 are big deals for Audi’s electric future. They mark a new beginning, especially with their fresh Android Auto-based infotainment system. These models are the first from Audi to use Volkswagen Group’s Premium Platform Electric (PPE), which is also used in the Porsche Macan EV. Sized between the smaller Q4 e-tron and larger Q8 e-tron, they’re electric alternatives to popular Audi models like the Q5 and SQ5. The sporty SQ6, in particular, caught our eye. We tested a European version of the Q6 in Spain, but keep in mind it had less power than what’s planned for the U.S.

Audi’s new interior design is all about blending style and practicality. In the SQ6, you’ll notice sleek red accents in the upholstery and a cool LED light bar on the dashboard. This bar not only looks sharp but also gives you info like turn signals and navigation updates. The whole setup is clean and well-made, with soft spots to rest your hand while using the big 14.5-inch touchscreen. There’s also an 11.9-inch display in front of you and an optional 10.9-inch screen for the passenger to watch videos (though drivers can’t see it while driving). This new system is packed with features like climate controls and vehicle settings, yet it’s easy to figure out, even when you’re in new places. Audi’s really upped their game with this setup!

To help us settle in comfortably, Audi introduced a new AI voice assistant and offered cool features like a head-up display with navigation that uses augmented reality. The Bang & Olufsen audio system, boasting up to 830 watts and 20 speakers (even two in each front headrest!), added to the experience. Most controls are touch-sensitive on shiny black panels, which can get smudged, but they mostly made sense and didn’t frustrate us. Inside, the cabin was super quiet, which helped keep us relaxed. The sport seats in the SQ6 were cozy enough for long drives, and even though rear legroom is a bit less than in the SQ5, a nearly six-foot tall driver like me still found it easy to get comfortable in the back seat.

The Q6 lineup starts strong with dual motors and rear-biased all-wheel drive, especially in the SQ6, which cranks out an impressive 483 horsepower. Hit the launch control, and it jumps to 510 horses (in the U.S., the dual-motor Q6 models will start with 422 and go up to 456 horsepower). Torque isn’t specified, but we figure the SQ6 easily tops 500 pound-feet. With its weight around 5500 pounds, this SUV can hit 60 mph in about four seconds.

Compared to the Porsche Macan EV, the Q6 has some differences: no rear-wheel steering like the Macan, a differently packed rear power unit, and a less expensive front motor. But driving the SQ6 feels solid—it handles tight corners sharply and effortlessly passes slower cars on the highway. The SQ6 is smooth and polite, with precise body control and a comfortable ride on optional 21-inch wheels (20s with all-season tires are standard). Its steering is direct, and the brakes are strong and predictable, which gave us confidence even on rainy roads.

All Q6 e-trons come with a big 94.4-kWh battery. Audi says the SQ6 can go about 276 miles on a full charge in the U.S. (around 300 miles for the Q6). The exciting part is the new PPE platform’s 800-volt electrical setup. It allows super-fast DC charging at up to 270 kilowatts. That means you can go from 10 to 80 percent charged in about 21 minutes, adding up to 135 miles in just 10 minutes. Even on 400-volt stations, the PPE system can split the battery in two, charging both parts at once at up to 135 kilowatts to speed up the process.

For slower charging at home or public level 2 stations, there’s a standard 9.6-kW onboard charger, with an optional 19.2-kW charger coming later. The Q6 also has practical touches like dual charging doors (one for AC and DC on the driver’s side, AC-only on the passenger’s side), a towing capacity of 4400 pounds, and 30 cubic feet of cargo space behind the rear seats.