2024 Tesla Cybertruck – Car from Marvel

The 2024 Tesla Cybertruck is like something from another world, but it’s ready to take on the best-selling pickup trucks. Its tough stainless-steel body looks futuristic and is even bulletproof, making it super rugged. There are two versions for 2024: a Dual Motor with 600 horsepower and a Beast with three motors cranking out a massive 834 horsepower. In 2025, a single-motor rear-wheel-drive option will join the lineup. Tesla claims the Cybertruck can tow up to 11,000 pounds and travel up to 340 miles on a single charge. Plus, it can recharge fast at a Tesla Supercharger, adding up to 136 miles in just 15 minutes. This electric truck is set to turn heads and tackle tough jobs

The Cybertruck is gearing up to offer three different power options. When it launches, you can get it with dual- and tri-motors for all-wheel drive. Next year, a single-motor rear-wheel-drive model will join the lineup. Right now, the Dual Motor Cybertruck has a total of 600 horsepower. If you want the most power, check out the Cybertruck Beast with three motors that together deliver a whopping 834 horses. All Cybertrucks come with adjustable air suspension that can raise or lower the truck as you drive, giving it up to 17 inches of ground clearance. With its sharp 35-degree approach and 28-degree departure angles, this Tesla pickup is built to handle tough off-road terrain. On pavement, the Cybertruck feels surprisingly nimble. We tested a Beast model and found its rear-wheel steering and special steer-by-wire system made it easier to navigate city streets than your average pickup truck.